Did you know? YKK innovations for the automotive industry

YKK North and Central America Group’s 5CH CONCEAL® zipper is used in automotive seating to give the trim cover open access to air bags and other connections required for seat functions.  Once all the connections have been made, the assembler can close the trim cover by utilizing an ergonomic zipper closing tool.  One advantage to using the CONCEAL® zipper is that it looks like a seam when closed, unlike a conventional zipper, which is exposed.  Due to this distinctive feature, a seat supplier can replace high cost plastic back panels with the YKK® CONCEAL® zipper.  OEM design studios prefer the appearance of the CONCEAL® zipper since it forms a perfect seam when closed.

The YKK® QUICKFIT® (hook) and QUICKLOOP™ (loop) fastener system provides JIT (Just In Time) Tier 1 plants with an innovative fastening solution that attaches the trim cover to the foam and defines the trim line design on an automotive seat.  The YKK® QUICKFIT® and QUICKLOOP™ fastener system is one of the most unique and cost effective fastening solutions currently used on seats for many OEMs.  YKK® QUICKFIT® Flex fastener is another unique and innovative product which allows seat designers to create curved lines in seats.  QUICKFIT® Flex fastener goes around the perimeter of a seat and is molded into the foam to provide a hook feature to mate with the trim cover loop and define the edge of the seat cushion and seat back.

YKK’s standard 5CI conventional zipper provides an exceptional seat trim closure for rear seat applications since it can go around curves.  Most rear seats have difficult-to-navigate edges and curves around the armrests and require seat trim closures in hard to reach areas.  The 5CI conventional zipper not only provides enough strength once the cover is closed, but also provides a seat closure method around the curves on the rear seats.

Q. What zipper should be use for a front seat application, and what part description should be used for ordering purposes?
A. The CONCEAL® zipper should be used, and the product name is the 5CH chain and slider.
Q. What zipper should be use for a rear seat application?
A. YKK's #5 coil zipper should be used for a rear seat application.
Q. What fastening solutions does YKK offer for arm rest and headrest applications?
A. If a smaller zipper is preferred for armrest and headrest applications, you can use YKK's 45CF or 3CF zipper.
Q. What type of hook and loop should be used for a seat tie down application?
A. YKK's QUICKFIT® Z15-2 hook fastener can be used for straight line tie down applications. YKK's QUICKFIT® Flex A2 fastener can be used for curved tie down applications. For loop applications, YKK's QUICKLOOP™ fastener can be used.