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YKK YZiP® Light

Fastening Products for Bedding

Fastening Products for Furniture

Racquet Coil Zipper

Sustainable Journal


AquaGuard® Water Repellent Zipper

Excella® Leaflet


YKK NATULON® Ocean Sourced™ collection of zippers

YKK® sustainable zipper: NATULON® (Mechanically Recycled)


NATULON® Ocean Sourced

YKK Plastic Hardware Catalog

YKK Environmental vision 2050 – Towards a brighter future for nature and humanity

YKK® Berry Amendment Compliant Products

YKK click-TRAK®

GreenRise Plant-derived Zipper

Anaheim Production Speed to Market Catalog

YKK® SureFit® (Item Code: VS) Hook

Aquaseal Catalog

Fastening Catalog

Eco-friendly Products Made in USA

YKK Snap and Button Products Eco-friendly Flyer

YKK SS/20 Global Collection

Featured Product of the Month — EVERBRIGHT® Zipper

Featured Product of the Month — YKK’s IRR Zipper — Product only available in US.A.


YKK Marine/Outdoor Snap & Button Catalog

YKK® SureFit® C10

Plastic Notions Catalog

Anti-Snagging slider cover

Insert Supporting Slider Cover


YKK® Zippers Safety Catalog

TapeCraft Safety Industry Fall Protection Lanyard Flyer

TapeCraft® Brand Fall arrest safety energy absorber tear catalog

TapeCraft® Brand Tool Tether Catalog

TapeCraft® Brand Safety industry webbing Catalog

YKK Reflective Tape Zipper Catalog

YKK® Medical Catalog

POWERRAIL® (Item Code: SA)

YKK® Standard Woven Hook and Loop Catalog

YKK® NATULON® and Organic Cotton Corespun zipper

YKK Adhesive Woven Hook & Loop

Woven H&L special products

YKK Anti Snagging Slider Cover and Coil Zipper Insert Support

YKK Fastening Catalog

SureFit Micro Soft Hook Catalog

YKK® Tactical Uniform and Marine Snaps and Buttons Catalog

YKK® Snaps and Buttons value added products catalog

Racqet Coil “RC” Luggage Zipper

YKK® Plastic Slider

UV Marine Mates® zipper and SnapCap®

Polyurethane Coated Vislon® zipper

Vislon® Flat Zipper

Old American® Vintage

Mirror-Like finish zipper

Industrial Zipper

Aurolite™ coil zipper

AquaSeal® Water Proof zipper

W-Arm Buckle Series

2-Way Release Buckle LBTS/LKTS Series

YKK LBEQ Rotatable Buckle

YKK SA-SAD Side Release Buckle for Quality and Reliability

YKK® Ultra Lightweight Series

YKK lightweight and compact Sharpn’loc™ Series

LBTSC Secure-lock

YKK® High Temperature Plastic Snaps and Buttons

MZF Metal Injection Zipper

DS13 Flat Slider

PROSEAL® Air/Water tight zipper

AquaGuard® Vislon® (VT8, VT9) and AquaGuard® Coil (T8, T10)

AquaGuard® Vislon VT4, VT5

Powder Coat Slider

YKK Honduras eBook

YKK® Premium Denim Catalog

YKK® Fasteners, Snap, and Button Catalog — Apparel

YKK Zipper Instruction Manual

YKK® Fasteners, Snap, and Button Catalog — Industrial

Asia Slider Catalog

Shockonloc™ Tough Buckle series