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Diaper Hook: Baby Diapers and Adult Incontinence

Parents and caregivers can rest assured knowing their child or loved one’s diaper has a YKK hook fastener.


  • Easy to close
  • Stays secure during constant movement
  • Soft and gentle to skin
  • Flexible
  • Superior Strength Performance

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YKK Americas Group has over 20 years of experience producing high quality hook fasteners for the hygiene industry that are flexible, gentle, and secure. Our uniquely designed low profile hook fasteners provide high strength, comfort and performance on baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs, as well as superior peel and shear strength on even the lightest weight landing zones and nonwoven materials.

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YKK® SureFit® (Item Code: VS) Hook

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What colors can ykk supply for this product?

White is the standard color for this product, but customized colors are available upon request. Contact YKK to learn more.

What is the standard size of this product?

It comes in a 10/13/20/26mm widths, but other sizes are available upon request.

Where can we buy this product?

As a global company, we are able to supply this product anywhere in the world. Contact YKK to begin discussing this product for your application.

Do you recommend a particular back sheet for your hook?

C9 works well with most diaper back sheets in the market. Contact YKK to learn more.