Mold-in hook fastener for foam to trim tie-downs

QUICKFIT® fastener is an effective and efficient seat tie down system for automotive seats.

QUICKFIT® fastener improves the foaming and seat cover assembling processes, and reduces seat weight compared to seat tie down systems using metal wires. It also contains iron mono-filament, which enables the operator to install QUICKFIT® fastener into the mold trench quicker and easier. QUICKFIT® fastener does not contain metals, so labor is saved when seats are disposed.

QUICKFIT FLEX®, a variation of the QUICKFIT® fastener, provides a unique curve for seat design styling in the XYZ direction.

Material : Main Unit polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Monofilaments : Iron, Nylon

– Cost Effective
– Design Flexibility
– Thin Seat Tie Down
– Automated Dispensing Machine Available

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