When the slider on YKK’s CONCEAL® zipper is closed, the zipper disappears to look like a finished seam. This zipper is best suited for dresses and skirts since it does not disturb a garment’s design.

The CONCEAL® open-ended zipper is also recommended for the jackets that require that the zipper’s open-parts must be hidden.

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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 2CH OK - - -
3CH OK OK - -
5CH OK OK - -

[When sewing]
· Use of YKK’s Sewing Machine Guide is recommended.
· The zipper’s operating force will increase when the stitching is close to its elements.
· Breakage or puncture could take place when sewing the zipper into a piece of clothing whose thickness varies dynamically, such as the edge of an overlapped piece of clothing.
· When sewing the zipper onto a piece of clothing with a rough fiber structure or a piece of clothing composed of long-coated yarns such as Mohair fiber, please avoid getting the clothing tangled into the machine by creating slightly long intervals in between stitches or by any other possible methods.
· The open parts of a 3 CH OR are movable for an easier sewing process.

[When Washing]
· When washing this zipper or exposing it to a similar process, close the zipper in order to lessen the pressure or damage that can result in a deficiency in its performance.

[When Ironing]
· When ironing this zipper or the garment it is sewn into, please make sure the zipper is closed, and iron it under less than 130°C.
· We also recommend pressing a garment with a damp cloth.

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