Our View of Sustainability

YKK is constantly pursuing the creation of a sustainable society through all our business undertakings. At the core of all our corporate activities is the philosophy of YKK founder Tadao Yoshida, the Cycle of Goodness®. The idea of the Cycle of Goodness® that ‘no one prospers without rendering benefit to others’ clearly expresses the YKK Group’s corporate spirit of continuing to prosper together with society, customers, related industries, and employees, and we consider it to be a concept that fosters sustainability. Under the Cycle of Goodness®, YKK will address the essence of sustainability through our business practices and products and will continue to tackle environmental challenges in order to remain a socially upstanding company.

The Cycle of Goodness®

YKK is constantly contributing to a sustainable society. The foundation of our corporate activities is the Cycle of Goodness® philosophy of YKK founder Tadao Yoshida. This philosophy clearly expresses YKK’s desire to prosper together with society, customers, related industries, and employees, and is a concept that is highly compatible with sustainability. The founder repeatedly conveyed the essence of this corporate philosophy to employees, speaking of it in various ways. Tadao Yoshida’s words, “Business is like building a bridge,” which are connected to the Cycle of Goodness®, can be understood in terms of sustainability, as he believed that unless we benefit society as a whole, we will not be able to prosper as individuals. The words “manufacturing like pure spring water” and “trash can be a great resource if it is utilized with ingenuity” are linked to environmental consideration, and the words “the strength of a forest is better than a big tree” are linked to respect for human rights and individuality. This philosophy is highly compatible with sustainability and has been at the core of YKK’s management since the time of the founder. It even continues to remain at the center of company activities to this day, more than 80 years later.


YKK Sustainability Vision 2050

In October 2020, we formulated the YKK Sustainability Vision 2050, which sets numerical targets for the Fastening Business from the 2019 YKK Group Environmental Vision 2050. As part of this, we have categorized our objectives under five themes: climate change, material resources, water resources, chemical management, and respect people, and are carrying out activities that will contribute to achievement of the 2030 SDGs as well as carbon neutrality by 2050.

Sustainability Journal: A Little Book about Creating Big Change


What does a little zipper have to do with saving our great, big planet? The answer is, a lot! As one of the world’s largest zipper manufacturers, YKK is protecting our environment by ramping up sustainability efforts across the entire company as well as by benefiting employees, communities and the thousands of apparel companies that use YKK fastening products. From offering products made with recycled ocean-bound plastic to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 to supporting local schools, YKK believes that from small parts come big benefits. As you flip through this journal, enjoy these stories of hope and celebrate the positive change we can create together.

YKK Fastening Group CSR Committee

With this organizational structure, YKK can successfully respond to social trends and customer requests and collaborate with our company and suppliers to promote sustainable manufacturing. Furthermore, by disclosing information with transparency, we are able to maintain accountability and contribute to the advancement of our corporate values as well as those of our customers.

YKK Fastening Group CSR Committee Organization Chart


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