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YKK solves the most complex fastening and attaching challenges.

We are looking for someone special

Learn About Our Philosophy & Culture

Why YKK?

We are looking for someone who is proud to work for a manufacturing company. A company that adds tremendous value to our products, to our customers’ products, and to the ultimate consumers. We are looking for someone who takes pride in who we are and what we do. Even among manufacturers, YKK’s investment in and commitment to innovation and product development separate us from other companies. We create value, we are ethical, and we are heroic because we provide jobs that create prosperity for hundreds of families.

Someone who is...


Our job is to deliver the world’s finest products – a task that takes some pretty special people, indeed. After all, getting the highest quality fastener in the hands of customers can’t just be done by anybody. It’s a dynamic business, and your energy is fuel that keeps us going.

As a YKK employee, you’re expected to set ambitious goals– and do your best to achieve them. Challenges? You see them as opportunities, and you approach your responsibilities with the sense of urgency that is unique to a “doer.” Suppliers, customers, and consumers all depend on you. And you’re committed to living up to their expectations.

We do our best to live up to yours as well. When you’re ready for new challenges, we look for ways for you to try new work areas and assignments. So even in a flat organizational structure, you can continue to be someone who aims high.

Someone who is...


Change is the only constant at YKK. Within our organization, we are committed to meeting customer needs – something that requires expectation and flexibility. It’s a challenging, fast-paced environment – one that calls for a special type of person who views change through positive glasses, and who sees it as an opportunity to grow.

YKK’s corporate strategy is to provide customers with the best products by the most talented force in all of our industries. Since our growth flows from offering superior products and exceed customer expectations, there’s an ever-expanding range of opportunities for your career development.

If you can adapt to changing circumstances and new challenges, we think you’ll find YKK a rewarding place to grow.

Someone who is...


YKK combines the warmth of a small, family owned company with the professionalism of an industry leader. You’ll find the atmosphere at our offices welcoming and friendly. And like any “family,” we cooperate as individuals for the good of the whole.

Teamwork is the rule rather than the exception – which means that mutual respect and understanding are musts, both when it comes to customers and co-workers. We strive to create an open and supportive environment to allow everyone to be heard, regardless of location or rank.

It’s an approach to doing business that our customers like, and that makes it a likable place to work as well. Perhaps you’d like to see whether there’s a place for you to join us.

Available Positions

YKK has locations through North and Central America. To inquire about employment opportunities, please contact the YKK location of your choice.

Click here to view all openings in the United States.

YKK is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, or other bases as prohibited by federal, state, or local statute.