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Why Choose YKK?

YKK solves the most complex fastening and attaching challenges.

solutions provider

A diverse portfolio of fastening and attaching products lets us approach each customer partnership with an open mind. We define project needs and recommend the optimum technology from there – even if it includes a third-party element. Our engineers work collaboratively with their customer counterparts from the design specification stage.

YKK® Fastening Solutions

depth and breadth

YKK designs, manufactures, leases and services machinery to help customers attach our products correctly, maximize performance and reduce manufacturing costs. Our vertically integrated structure means we develop and manufacture our materials and machinery to maximize quality and reliability and ensure dependable supply for our customers.

Manufacturing Capabilities


We are dedicated to minimizing environmental impact with innovative ideas in design and manufacturing. Sustainability Vision 2050 is our roadmap for a more sustainable future. The five-prong strategy addresses climate change, material resources, water resources, chemical management and human rights.


Manufacturing Capabilities

We focus on your product and your manufacturing method and strategy to implement a customized solution that works for you.

Innovative Product Development

Vertically Integrated Production

Field Technology Centers


R&D Centers

Culture, Product Division, & Sustainability

A “solutions-first” approach leverages our extensive product and machinery portfolio, engineering expertise and integrated production, service and supply chain solutions in 70+ countries/regions. This depth and breadth leave us well positioned to support the growth of customers of all sizes and adapt to their evolving business needs.

Our proficiency across highly regulated and demanding industries, including automotive, medical, apparel and safety, and our commitment to sustainable innovation enables us to deliver cost-effective, full-service support for our customers from idea to manufacture and beyond.

The result is tangible excellence that can be seen, touched, felt and heard.

Fastening Solutions

We focus on your product and your manufacturing method and strategy to implement a customized solution that works for you.


Hook & Loop

Plastic Buckles & Notions

Snap & Button Products