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The Structure of a Zipper

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Many of us use zippers in our everyday life without thinking much about just how all the parts work together. Whether it’s keeping your jeans or backpack closed or providing an airtight seal on a spacesuit, the structure of a zipper is crucial to its performance. Let’s start with the…

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History of the Zipper

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Since YKK manufactures roughly 3 million kilometers worth of zippers every year, some assume we invented this integral apparel product. However, the invention of the zipper predates our company's founding. This begs the question: Who invented the zipper? Let's find out! 1851: Elias Howe Jr. and the Unutilized Patent In...
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Sustainability-Minded Design

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Sustainability has secured a place at the top of the corporate agenda of many industries. To maximize success in this area, manufacturers must emphasize the importance of sustainability throughout a product’s lifecycle, from conception to rollout to end of life, while simultaneously giving careful thought to product design, distribution, and…

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