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YKK in the news

YKK Named "Supplier Engagement Leader' by CDP

YKK Debuts DIY Repairable Zippers in ARTILECT Shells

YKK introduces the Revived Zipper, a pull tab that you can repair or replace on your own — and two new products from ARTILECT are already using it.

YKK’s Sustainable Products See Sales Gains

Less is more for YKK, which reduced its carbon emissions, landfill waste and water intake this year.

YKK signs UN CBD COP15 business statement for mandatory assessment and disclosure

YKK Corporation has signed the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) COP15 Business Statement for Mandatory Assessment and Disclosure by 2030, convened by Business for Nature.

"YKK Develops AquaGuard® NATULON®, An Environmentally Friendly Water Repellent Zipper"

Replacing the conventional water repellent zipper with a green specification water repellent zipper with a tape made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

"Lessons in Longevity from an 88-Year-Old Zipper Company"

Rarely does a company sustain its global industry leadership for more than a few decades, and most that do so are very well-known global brands. YKK, an 88-year-old Japanese manufacturer of zippers, is not a household name, yet it has quietly, and impressively, stayed atop of the global fastener industry for decades. It has remained relevant and preserved its leadership globally and in the U.S. market. What enabled YKK to do so well for so long? The authors examine how YKK has beaten the odds, and provide a possible roadmap for other companies looking to sustain a viable, profitable business in international markets. They also offer several areas of potential vulnerability which pose serious challenges to a company’s pursuit of longevity.

"One Of America’s Best Manufacturers Is This Japanese Zipper Maker"

A strong piece of evidence in support of the many current calls to reshore American manufacturing is the tremendous performance by the many thousands of existing producers already working here.