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Let YKK be part of your fashion statement.


Fashion statements are an important part of our culture. Whether it’s a shiny chic dress or your favorite seasonal outfit, YKK® zippers will not only make you look smarter and more stylish, but they will also provide the longlasting quality that we’re committed to delivering and that you have come to expect. You can find a zipper or fastener to fit your design needs, whether it’s for a luxurious dress, a once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown, or a night-on-the-town dress. Let YKK Americas Group help make your dress a fashion statement about you!

YKK offers a variety of zippers designed to accentuate lines, colors, textures, and illusions. Whether you need a CONCEAL® coil zipper or small metal zipper, YKK can provide them in a variety of styles and colors. Special sliders can seize a customer’s attention and coordinate with unique designs.

Learn the difference between regular coil zippers and CONCEAL® coil zippers.

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When it comes to the health and well-being of your infant or small child, you can count on YKK Americas Group. We provide comfortable, functional and fashionable zippers with a wide range of color selections, as well as snap closures for children’s and infant clothing. Although children’s clothing is exempt from the ASTM small parts test, YKK conducts internal testing employing the ASTM standards for this product to avoid choking hazard risks. Also, these products’ lead content falls well within the minimum safe levels prescribed by the CPSIA. YKK’s quality assurance provides our customers peace of mind with every fastening product we manufacture.

YKK considers not only how zippers are used in children’s apparel, but also what the potential hazards associated with exposure to zippers will be. With YKK® zippers, larger top stops prevent sliders from coming off the zipper; and they do not contain Azo-dye, formaldehyde, or lead. We think about fun, too. Our polychromatic, multi-colored teeth zippers are eye-catching and color coordinating. The structure of YKK’s separating zipper, which increases the durability of open parts, makes this separating zipper’s alignment easier. It can be operated with only one hand and assists not only little folks, but arthritic and disabled ones as well.


Sports are fun, exciting and memorable events for everyone of all ages. YKK Americas Group is proud to be a part of the athletes’ success by providing YKK® fastening products for the athletes’ uniforms. No matter what sport you are playing, when you zip up the uniform, you are confident that your zipper will perform like a winner! In addition to our high performing zipper products, YKK® branded snaps have been a long trusted front closure for team letter jackets that represent your personal achievement and support.

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Ready to Wear Products

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What is the smallest size invisible zipper that YKK can manufacture for dresses?

The smallest size invisible zipper for dress applications is our No. 2 CONCEAL® zipper.

Will my dress be damaged if it has gold brass zippers that will tarnish after a long period of time?

No, with YKK® EVERBRIGHT® zippers and the appropriate laundering care, you can avoid damaging your garment.

I'm looking for a smooth zipper that will not snag my dress fabric. Does YKK make such a zipper?

Yes we do. The YKK® EXCELLA® zipper has polished elements that allow for a smooth operation, while providing a shiny luxurious look to accent your garment.

What is the difference between regular coil zippers and CONCEAL® coil zippers?

On a regular coil zipper, spiral plastic elements are exposed and visible once sewn into the garment or application. By contrast, CONCEAL® coil zippers are designed to be used with the coil elements hidden.

Are YKK® zippers for infant/children's wear safe for coming into contact with children's skin, and are they environmentally friendly?

Yes, we conduct a wide variety of tests under a number of environmental and safety standards to ensure our products may safely come in contact with children’s skin. YKK continually performs extensive research into materials and technologies that enable us to further minimize risks to human health and our environment.

Should parents be concerned about their children being able to easily pull or twist off the slider pulls on zippers?

No. Although not required under the CPSIA, YKK makes the effort to ensure the zippers recommended for use in children’s wear pass the ASTM tab twist test.

I don't like it when my slider dangles when I am running in a race. Does YKK have a better slider to recommend?

We offer different varieties of sports related sliders and pullers that will not dangle. Please contact your local YKK sales representative.

Is there a proper sewing method for YKK® brand coil zippers?

The top extension(s) of a zipper tape should be bent at least 5mm apart from the first element. This procedure will prevent snagging and will allow for the proper spacing of the sew seam to the zipper’s elements.

What is the difference between plastic top stops and ordinary metal top stops?

The selection of a zipper with plastic top stops is highly recommended for infants/children’s garments to prevent a zipper from scratching a child’s skin.