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Choosing the best zipper for a garment/application can get tricky. The options seem endless at times, from sizes to slider functionality, not to mention the vast array of colors that are in the market.

Let’s consider coil (often referred to as “nylon”) zipper options.

Standard Coil Zippers

By definition, a coil zipper is made of spiral plastic elements, such as polyester or nylon. They are quite common in the marketplace and are very flexible in both a flat plane and around curves. Coil zippers are the softest among the three available types; therefore, they are often the choice for women’s ready-to-wear items, such as skirts, pants, and dresses.

On a regular coil zipper, the spiral plastic elements are exposed and visible once sewn into the garment or application. Typically, a fabric flap is used to cover the elements, so they are not left exposed. What is amazing about the regular coil zipper is its versatility. It is not only often used in women’s ready-to-wear items, but this zipper is also used in luggage, furniture, sporting goods and even automobile applications.

YKK coil zippers

CONCEAL® coil zippers

CONCEAL® coil zippers are designed to be used with the elements hidden (inside the garment) so the zipper is “invisible” like a seam. Only the slider puller, which is teardrop in shape, is visible on the exterior of the garment.

YKK CONCEAL® zipper elements

Typically, CONCEAL® zippers are used in garments that require a more polished look, focusing on the design lines rather than using the zipper as trim. Depending on the size, typical applications are evening gowns, dresses, skirts, cycling shirts and even furniture applications, such as pillows.

YKK CONCEAL® zippers

Visit our zipper page to see our standard coil and CONCEAL® zipper options for apparel and other applications or contact us for more details.

The SEW200 is our CONCEAL® zipper sewing system to make your sewing process easy, fast resulting in effortless high-quality sewing. The SEW200 is mounted on an ergonomic-stand and armed with a splice-detector, any operator can produce a concealed-seam zipper attachment with minimal handling and down time. Some customers have experienced over 70% labor reduction and 85% reduction in the learning-curve using the SEW200 system.

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