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YKK has a wide variety of extruded hook options that are engineered to engage with an assortment of woven, knitted, or nonwoven loop materials. These options allow customers to have just the right combination of peel, shear, and cycle life for their particular needs. The key is choosing the right combination.  It starts with your application.

As a general rule, the smaller the hook, the smaller the loop you will need. If the hook is too large for the loop it will not be able to grab any of the  loop fibers. If the hook is too small for the loop, the hook can “float” within the loop. In both of these scenarios you will get little to no engagement. There are thousands of combinations available.  The chart below provides a guide as to what hook / loop combination to consider.

View the POWERHOOK® catalog here.

Since each application is unique, please contact your YKK Sales Representative for your particular needs.

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