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What kind of two-way zipper do I need?

July 26, 2022
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Author: YKK

The definition of a two-way zipper is one where you can close or open the zipper from two opposite ends at the same time.

There has always been confusion regarding the “two-way” function of a zipper. Is two-way separating generally used for an outerwear jacket application?  Or maybe a two-way, closed, head-to-head zipper for a gym bag, a tent or backpack application?  You might need a two-way closed bottom-to-bottom zipper for a coverall.

Two-way, closed, head-to-head zippers are those where the sliders meet together to close the zipper. This zipper does not separate.

Two-way, closed, bottom-to-bottom zippers are those where the sliders meet away from each other to close the zipper. This zipper also does not separate.

Two-way, separating zippers are those used in applications where you can open the zipper from the top or bottom and the application comes completely apart, like a jacket front. This is a separating zipper.

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