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Allow us to introduce three recently developed and commercialized items aimed at improving the operation and adaptability of YKK® VISLON® zippers. These innovations revolutionize the traditional zipper design, offering enhanced convenience and user experience. Let’s get into some details:

click-TRAK®The click-TRAK® Zipper
The click-TRAK® zipper is a modification of the open-end components of the size 5 VISLON® zipper. By revising the current design and incorporating a snap button-like feature, we can simplify the operation of these components. The click-TRAK® zipper allows users to effortlessly engage and disengage the open-end components for a more user-friendly experience.


VISLON® Zipper with Magnetic Closure VISLON® with Magnetic Closure
YKK takes zipper adaptability to the next level with the VISLON® zipper with magnetic closure. This zipper introduces magnets integrated into each of the open parts components. Automatic engagement is enabled when the two sides of the zipper are brought together, offering seamless opening and closing. The magnetic closure simplifies zipper operation, making it ideal for situations where dexterity may be limited.

The QuickFree® Slider Has Been Upgraded
We have expanded our QuickFree® slider to be usable with a size three VISLON® chain, complementing our size five. This adaptation provides customers with greater flexibility for specific needs. This specially designed slider with an asymmetrical shape allows for the quick separation of the zipper at any position by pulling the chain rows apart. This product has a multitude of exhilarating applications! Learn more about the role QuickFree® zippers play in world-champion climber Yoshiyuki Ogata’s sport. The QuickFree® slider can also pair with click-TRAK® zipper and VISLON® zipper with magnetic closure.


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