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Our AquaGuard® NATULON® water repellent zippers allow you to enhance your garment’s functionality the sustainable way! Here’s how: 

Sustainable Materials 

To minimize our ecological footprint, we have transitioned from using virgin polyester tape to a post-consumer recycled polyester. The elimination of oil production and refining in the creation of recycled yarns results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

PFC-Free, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Treatment 

The DWR chemistry has been replaced with a PFC-free treatment. Through our internal shower test, we can ensure that the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper maintains optimal water repellency performance, minimizing absorption and preventing leakage. 

Towards Sustainability Goals 

As part of our long-term sustainability goals for 2050, we eliminated toluene and MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) from the production process of the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper and replaced these substances with less harmful alternatives. 

Enhanced Design 

Recognizing the need for smoother and easier-to-use zippers, we have revised the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper chain dimensions and the thickness of the PU (Polyurethane) film with which it is laminated. This adjustment, coupled with a redesigned slider body shape for zippers with automatic locking sliders, lowers the total operation force required to open and close the zipper by at least 20% (depending on film type).  

Regarding two-way zipper operation, we have introduced new open parts pins with a revised shape to reduce overall friction when inserting the pin into the slider, thereby improving overall operability. 

Enhanced Appearance 

Not only have we focused on sustainability and functionality, but we have also made aesthetic upgrades to the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper. The zipper now boasts a smoother and flatter appearance while maintaining a wide range of color options and full dye-to match capabilities. 


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