Fashion statements are an important part of our culture.  Whether it’s a shiny chic dress or your favorite seasonal outfit, YKK® zippers will not only make you look smarter and more stylish, but they will also provide the long lasting quality that we’re committed to delivering and that you have come to expect. You can find a zipper or fastener to fit your design needs, whether it’s for a luxurious dress, a once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown, or a night-on-the-town dress. Let YKK North and Central America Group help make your dress a fashion statement about you!

YKK offers a variety of zippers designed to accentuate lines, colors, textures, and illusions.  Whether you need a CONCEAL®, coil or small metal zipper, the YKK can provide them in a variety of styles and colors.  Special sliders can seize a customer’s attention and coordinate with unique designs.

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Q. What is the smallest size invisible zipper that YKK can manufacture for dresses?
A. The smallest size invisible zipper for dress applications is our No. 2 CONCEAL® zipper.
Q. Will my dress be damaged if it has gold brass zippers that will tarnish after a long period of time?
A. No, with YKK® EVERBRIGHT® zippers and the appropriate laundering care, you can avoid damaging your garment.
Q. I'm looking for a smooth zipper that will not snag my dress fabric. Does YKK make such a zipper?
A. Yes we do. The YKK® EXCELLA® zipper has polished elements that allow for a smooth operation, while providing a shiny luxurious look to accent your garment.
Q. What is the difference between regular coil zippers and CONCEAL® coil zippers?
A. On a regular coil zipper, spiral plastic elements are exposed and visible once sewn into the garment or application. By contrast, CONCEAL® coil zippers are designed to be used with the coil elements hidden.