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Summer season is travel season! As a global company operating in 72 countries, we take pride in working alongside our local communities as we fulfill our founder’s philosophy of The Cycle of Goodness™. In this series, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look at some of the most impressive YKK facilities around the world and how they are creating a positive impact in their communities.

Our first stop is Fastening Experience® at YKK’s Cimanggis Factory in Indonesia. Fastening Experience® officially opened in November 22, 2006. The project aims to promote the YKK® brand while producing future YKK fans and brand advocates. There are two YKK® products’ characteristics that are highlighted throughout the facility: Reliability and Safety. These two are represented through sensory experiences where the visitor can try our products and further expand their knowledge about YKK® zippers, snaps & buttons, and textile and plastic products.

This award winning facility was designed in collaboration with Japanese architecture firm Nomura Kougei. PT YKK Zipper Indonesia’s Fastening Experience® has five unique and beautiful areas.

The first area is the “Welcome Zone.” In this area, visitors are introduced to one of YKK’s high quality products, EXCELLA®. The second and third areas are the “Multi-functional Hall” and the “Business Meeting Room.” These areas are for conducting meetings and presentations as well as showcasing YKK® products and outfits from collaboration activities between YKK Indonesia and local designers. Additionally, in the “Multi-functional Hall”, YKK prepares two kinds of video programs. The first one is an explanation of YKK’s overall production system. The second one explains YKK’s environmental activities conducted in each area and based on the company spirit “localism,” which aims to become one with the local community. It is also where the main activity “Workshop Program” takes place, where visitors are given an opportunity to use their creativity to create zipper crafts.

The fourth area is the “Experience Zone” which is divided into two separate areas. The first features fastening products in familiar applications such as zippers, Quicklon, and snap and buttons. The second one highlights some unusual applications of YKK’s fastening technology. For instance: an oil fence, space suit, and emergency unit. This section aims to offer better understanding of product functions and characteristics. It does so by giving visitors the chance to test the strength and properties of YKK® zippers and YKK’s hook and loop products in the “Zipper Strength Experience” and “Quicklon Attack.”

Nimas Rai from the Fastening Experience team tests the strength of YKK® zippers.

PT YKK Zipper Indonesia’s Fastening Experience® partners with local schools and offers workshops for students five times a week. These programs are part of YKK’s social contribution to the local community, particularly for the benefit of children as it introduces them to the manufacturing industry. Since its opening the facility has welcomed approximately 70,000 students.

This facility is open to the general public. So if you’re planning a visit to Indonesia anytime soon, don’t forget to stop by and learn more about the exciting world of YKK® zippers. Visit: to learn more.



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