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Finding the right suitcase is an essential part of a successful travel experience.  When you are traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is a broken zipper or not meeting the airlines’ size restrictions. With the travel season well underway, we thought it would be the perfect time to explore this year’s travel luggage trends to help you simplify the shopping experience.

We asked Lisa Kelly, global marketing manager and travel luggage expert from YKK’s Global Marketing Group, to share with us some of the latest industry trends.


   Due to increased baggage fees and weight restrictions, brands are now focusing on developing luggage and bags that are lightweight. “Previously 28 in. bags weighed 17 lbs. but now brands are designing bags that weigh 7- 9 lbs. and even less,” shared Lisa.

With this in mind, YKK has developed the EYL Woven-In zipper that features a flat appearance, low profile, and a reduced chain thickness by 15%.


Expandability and Compression:

Brands are now offering expandable suitcases to give consumers plenty of space to pack all their necessary items while meeting size and weight restrictions.

“We’ve also seen a popular trend of suitcases with built-in shelves that make it easier for travelers to organize their belongings,” shared Lisa. This particular feature is very attractive for frequent travelers and families.


Get smart!

One of the fastest growing trends in the industry is smart suitcases that provide travelers the ability to charge their phones, digital scales to measure a bag’s weight, remote lock and unlock feature, location awareness technology that feature text messages when the bag moves away from or towards you on baggage carousel. It’s all about providing a comfortable travel experience for the consumers.


Security matters:

Keeping your belongings safe is a top priority when traveling. Anti-theft and slash proof security bags give the traveler peace of mind. YKK has developed both the “RCW” zipper with double racquet coil chain and the “Quick and Easy Lock system.” The “RCW” racquet coil was designed for luggage and backpacks, where resistance to abrasion is required.

The double element structure more than doubled the chain’s resistance to puncture compared to the standard 8RC zipper. It prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects. With the “Quick and Easy” zipper, worry less about your zippers opening without knowing it.  Easily lock the zipper by pulling the two sliders together.

The zipper will unlock by pulling down the slider into the plastic bottom parts. For more information about RCW and Quick and easy zipper visit:



Bold is the new black:

Gone are the days of boring colors and regular shaped suitcases. “We’re seeing suitcases in bright colors, floral and tapestry patterns and special shapes,” added Lisa.

It seems that travelers are looking to make a statement with their luggage and brands are delivering.


YKK is a proud member of the Travel Goods Association and will be showcasing YKK products for the travel industry at the Travel Goods Show taking place March 4–5, 2020 in New Orleans.


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