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YKK Honduras renovates Dr. Leonardo Martinez V. public school

October 20, 2017
Author: YKK
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YKK Honduras remodeled this bathroom as part of a larger remodeling project at the Dr. Leonardo Martinez V. public school.

In February of 2017, YKK Honduras began remodeling the Dr. Leonardo Martinez V public school.  The company made the decision to do this after receiving a letter in October of 2016 from the principal of the school asking for help in remodeling the school.  This project involved remodeling five toilets and placing ceramic tile on the walls and the floor in the bathroom and improving the sanitary system.  It also involved painting the classrooms and the building’s exterior, as well as changing the glass shutters, installing a bird control net and placing three metal garbage cans outside of the building.

This classroom was painted as part of a remodeling project done by YKK Honduras.

Founded in 1946, Dr. Leonardo Martinez V is located in the heart of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  More than 400 students ages 4 through 16 who come from mostly low-income families attend this school, which provides them with classes from a pre-school level up to elementary school.

After the school was inspected and an analysis of the costs was completed, YKK Honduras began the project in January of 2017.  Once the work was completed, YKK Honduras had a ceremony on March 1 to officially introduce the remodeled school to the principal, teachers, students and parents.  All of the staff and students were deeply grateful to YKK for the support that was given to them in remodeling the school.

This project is an excellent example of YKK’s philosophy, the “Cycle of Goodness,” which states, “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others.”  We are proud to have been able to give back to this school in our local community.

The following video provides more information about this project.