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Spring Mattress

For decades, consumers have been purchasing spring mattresses. However, recently consumers have been switching to foam mattresses because they can be ordered online in what is known as a bed-in-a-box, and they mold to the contours of your body offering individualized pressure relief.  The foam mattresses also come with a soft removable cover known as a zippered mattress cover, which encases the foam.

Foam Mattress with a Zippered Mattress Cover

Advantages of zippered mattress covers

Having a zipper in a zippered mattress cover provides many benefits to both the manufacturer and the consumer, as Chet Dudek, YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Special Projects Engineer explains.

“Since the foam mattress and the cover are made in two different places, the zipper is used to simplify the assembly process when closing the zippered mattress cover during the final assembly process,” says Dudek.

“The other reason is for aesthetics. When the zipper is used to close the zippered mattress cover, it will be on the bottom of the mattress where you will not notice it. Once it is closed, you normally would not open it.

“Some zippered mattress covers also have two different materials like a plush surface that you sleep on and a heavier material that goes on the bottom. In such a case, the zipper will act as part of the design between the two different fabrics. It becomes an aesthetics piece and a functional piece where consumers can zip off the zippered mattress cover and can wash it.”

When a zipper becomes an aesthetic piece of the zippered mattress cover, more colorful zippers can be used. YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. offers a wide range of different color zippers for zippered mattress covers.

Field Technology Solutions from YKK

Since the mattress market has been growing, an important consideration is how to quickly produce mattresses to fulfill this demand.

The primary focus of YKK’s Field Technology Center (FTC) is to partner with our customers to design and manufacture state-of-the-art machinery and to provide research and development and other technical expertise.  YKK’s FTC has developed substantial cost savings solutions for many industries, which have helped them to reduce their manufacturing costs while using YKK® zippers.


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