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The Collective Fashion Show is a first-of-its-kind show that features celebrity fashion designers from different reality TV fashion shows. The show is bringing these designers together to reconnect and engage with their fans in new ways. The designers are creating collections to showcase in live streamed fashion shows and events. The Collective is giving designers a chance to showcase their creativity and diversity while highlighting Cincinnati, a city full of art and culture.


YKK is a proud supporter and partner of The Collective Fashion Show. We have donated zippers, snaps, and buttons to the designers, so they can make their unique collections come to life. YKK supports all designers and wants to foster their creativity while creating the right products for their fashion needs.


The designers are filming themselves create their unique collections from start to finish in their studios. This gives the audience behind the scenes access into their creative process.

To showcase the collections, events and fashions shows will be taking place in Cincinnati. However, anyone is able to attend because they will be live streamed online. An in-person and online marketplace will also take place after the shows where people can buy the pieces in real time.

Local Cincinnati models will walk in the fashion shows as another way to support the city. The Collective is also following the models’ journeys into the fashion world and the market at large.

While The Collective is a collaborative celebration for the designers and not a competition style show, there will be a fan favorite cash prize for one designer and one model.

After all the events, the footage from the creation of the collections to the events will be available to stream online.

The event and show hosts are Fashion Designer Amy Bond, Celebrity Stylist Ty Hunter, and International Fashion Model Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick.


Meet the Celebrity Designers!



Read more about what YKK is doing for fashion designers here.


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