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YKK El Salvador implements many sustainable practices to help preserve the environment

February 26, 2019
Author: YKK
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YKK El Salvador is another YKK company within the North and Central America region that has implemented several environmental practices to help protect the environment.  One activity of great importance for YKK El Salvador is its tree planting day, which takes place annually involving employees and its neighborhood to which the company belongs.  This core value represents YKK El Salvador’s commitment to strengthen its environmental activities and relationships.

On July 2, 2018, the company had its 7th tree planting day.  Employees, students and teachers from Tecpán Elementary School planted 50 trees consisting of different fruit and forest varieties.  All people involved enjoyed planting a tree and becoming aware of the environment.

Participation from children and adults promoted their interest in learning more about YKK El Salvador as a company and in looking for an opportunity to become hired in the future.  This activity allows for the environmental education of future generations with the expectation that they will spread this knowledge to their families and communities.

An environmental expert (NGO – nongovernmental organization) also provided YKK El Salvador’s employees with an interesting lecture on how to enhance the company’s environmental activities and taught them some sowing techniques for planting trees.

Students from the Tecpán Elementary School and their teachers planted trees on YKK’s grounds.

YKK El Salvador donated 115 trees to the Tecpán Elementary School, which they plan to use to do reforestation around their school grounds.

The implementation of YKK El Salvador’s waste and disposal management plan and segregation process begins at the workplace when its employees are ready to eliminate waste.  The company has several different and properly labeled containers placed in strategic locations.  Those containers are sent to a temporary place before their final disposal according to their classification.

Always looking to the 3R system of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, most of the waste that YKK El Salvador generates is recycled.

A recycling company takes away our scrap, cardboard, wooden pallets and paper items.  In addition, cardboard boxes, barrels, pallets, etc. are reused inside YKK El Salvador’s plant before being sent to the recycling company.

Used oil comes from the company’s engineering department and metal chain machines, and it is sent to a company that is authorized by our government to burn and generate energy.  YKK El Salvador also sends obsolete plastic and VISLON® chain to this company to burn.

YKK El Salvador’s company waste compactor collects common waste, which it takes for final disposal to a sanitary landfill authorized by the local Ministry of the Environment.  This company also offers a final waste disposal service for sludge coming from our water treatment plant.  YKK El Salvador is developing a project to reuse our sludge as a fertilizer since it has minerals and other biological matter which can help plants to grow.