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How to maintain and repair the zipper in your boots

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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For decades, YKK has been manufacturing zippers to go into boots.  Whether they are plastic coil or metal, these fasteners are integral to the life of a pair of boots.

Since it is boot season, we thought some useful tips on how to maintain and repair zippers in boots would come in handy.

The article, “Zipper Riding Boot Care,” by Margaret Freeman, advises, “Don’t get any leather cleaner on the zipper.  Residue attracts dirt.  2.  Brush off the teeth of the zipper before closing it up.  3.  Regularly apply a zip-cleaning agent/lubricant, allowing it to dry before closing the zipper for storage.”

Zipper Riding Boot Care

Zipper care is more than a cleaner, polish and a rag. You also need a brush, cleaning agent/lubricant for zippers. Good zipper-care product choices include Zipper Ease (from AGS Company), Gear Aid’s Zip Cleaner and Lubricant and Hypofek from Pharmaka, most available from your tack retailer.

In the article, “Boot Care,” found on EGO7’s website www.ego7.com, states, “We suggest you to help the zip closure with your fingers when you wear them for the first few times without forcing or pulling too much to avoid excessive strain.  Always make sure the riding boots zipper is fully open when you put on/off your boots.  Zipper cleaning is important.  If there is dirt like grease or sweat, this could prevent the normal zip closing/opening, and it might eventually split or suddenly brake.

Boots care – EGO7

Leather is a living material! Many environmental factors might have a negative impact on leather, this is why regular and proper care is so important. Your riding boots should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Horse sweat, mud etc. are very aggressive for leather and should be removed at all times.

The article, “How to Care for Fall Boots,” found on www.doversaddlery.com, also suggests to, “Pull the zipper down completely before you slip your foot into or out of the boot.  Never force a zipper to close.  Remove dust or sand from the zipper teeth using a toothbrush or similar tool.  Add just a bit of water to the brush if you need to remove salt from the zipper.”

How to Care for Tall Boots | Dover Saddlery

Tall riding boots require special care and protection. Follow these tips from Dover Saddlery to extend the life and lustre of your riding boots.

Finally, the article, “Fix a Separated Boot Zipper (any Zipper, Really) written by Spring Wise, gives advice about how to repair a separated boot zipper.  This article mentions that the reason a boot zipper separates is because somewhere along the zipper a tooth did not fall into place, and the solution to fix the situation is to work the zipper back down below that point.

Fix a Separated Boot Zipper (any Zipper, Really)

Fix a Separated Boot Zipper (any Zipper, Really) : It’s frustrating. You’re up, showered, dressed. Coffee’s in the cup. The only thing standing between you and doing stuff is shoes. But you go to zip up your boot and it happens: the zipper separates. Sure, you could wear different shoes, change yo…

YKK manufactures zippers for a variety of different boot styles, which are designed to make any pair of boots last.

Shoes – YKK

YKK North and Central America Group understands that footwear is an important and growing industry.As a result, we offer high-end footwear brands a variety of zippers that provide their products with both a stylish appeal and quality assurance. Fastening Products used in this application Q. What kind of zippers should I use in shoes?