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by Tim Russell, Tape Craft Corporation, Oxford, Alabama

At one time hunting wild game was a necessity for survival. Its roots run deep in both tradition and ancestry.  In fact hunting, fishing and even gardening are considered fun activities for a great number of people. These activities that people do for fun now have their roots based on things done out of the need for food in our not too distant past.  People brave the cold of winter, the heat of summer and the hard labor of gardening in the name of fun.

With thousands of years of hunting in our past, we obviously became very good at it.  At one time, success was not considered getting the buck on the wall but on the table.  Over the years things have evolved. Weapons have evolved from simple bow and arrow to very sophisticated rifles that can take a deer down at several hundred yards.  Cold weather gear has come from the simplest clothing to scent control subzero, breathable clothing systems.  Hunting is certainly more comfortable for me now than when I was a young man, and with new gear, it’s more successful as well.

With all of the changes over several hundred years, most changes have occurred in the last few years. New gear is far superior to gear produced just a few short years ago.  One of the major achievements is in the field of camouflage.

Imagine a person standing in your yard when you walk out in the morning to go to work. They would be the first thing you notice.  Now if that person was in camo you might still notice them, but it would be harder and not as quick to spot them. They would not stand out in your yard.  We have all seen the pictures with the snake in the leaves or the rabbit in the grass. You have to study the picture pretty carefully to spot them even if you know they are there. They have near perfect camo. Without near perfect camouflage they would not survive. The snake would not get to eat, and the rabbit would become a meal. Camo is pretty important to both of them.

Modern day hunters, whether after deer, turkey or any other game understand the near perfect camo concept and the need for good hunting equipment. (Speaking of hunting equipment, you can check this website for interesting reviews.) I had an old time hunter tell me once, “If turkeys could smell there would not be any pictures of them.”  He was right. Their eye sight is unbelievably good. I’ve had them to key on me from a couple of hundred yards away and then turn and just walk away.   Animals in the wild know when something is not quite right. They will not stray into an area if things are not perfect.  This is why attention to details is so important.

Camo needs to be complete and natural. In nature there are few straight lines or perfect circles. I have seen really nice gear ruined with bindings that were solid colors.  For instance, a back pack in a nice real tree pattern that was outlined with a solid green binding. The binding created a big square on his back. In all of my years hunting, I have never seen a big green square in the woods, and I would bet that a buck would say the same thing.

A camo jacket with some really nice brass snaps may look great on the hanger in the store, but those snaps will be harder to conceal and could possibly turn a trip of a lifetime into a story of the one that spooked for some reason and just wouldn’t come in range. I’ve told this last story too many times.

Gear that stands out is gear that works. Gear that works is gear that has been designed with success in mind, not just successful sales but for successful use.  Designing great hunting gear requires near perfect camo. This cannot be achieved with straight lines and perfect circles. Whether it’s a zipper, binding or a snap, if it shows, it needs camo.

As a hunter I can truly state this as fact. “Little parts make a big difference.”

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