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Promoting healthy work environments and active lifestyles.

May 14, 2018
Author: YKK
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In honor of Women’s Health Week, we’d like to showcase the efforts of our companies in the YKK North & Central America region which promote active lifestyles and healthy work environments. We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are countless, but making these choices can be difficult, especially with our busy work schedules, family life, etc.  With this in mind, our YKK colleagues have launched various initiatives to keep their team members encouraged as they try to achieve their health goals.


Every year, YKK Honduras S.A. holds a month- long internal campaign dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.  This year, an informative seminar was conducted by a doctor, who specializes in this area of medicine, to create awareness about early detection, a fundamental factor in the fight against this disease.  At the end of the seminar, mammography certificates were given to all staff.

YKK Honduras host seminar on breast cancer awareness


Elizabeth Fajardo from YKK Honduras S.A. shares that “promoting healthy eating habits and routine exercise in the company is a good thing for both the worker, which results in better health and performance and for the company, which also results in higher productivity and lower absenteeism.” Last year, the company launched a health campaign to encourage staff members to incorporate healthy food choices in their daily routines.  The group also designated a room where employees can exercise using a stationary bike.

YKK El Salvador

Two years ago, YKK El Salvador established a lactarium on the company premises.  This project promotes an inclusive and supportive work environment for new moms and was recognized by the National Support Center for Lactation and UNICEF El Salvador.

On September 8, 2015 YKK El Salvador received recognition from UNICEF El Salvador and the National Support Center for lactarium at its facility


Additionally, YKK El Salvador was chosen as one of the top 10 national dental clinics in El Salvador by the Itinerant Dental Clinic Program of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute. The project was officially launched on August 11, 2017 by Dr. Ricardo Cea, director general of the institute.

This project will bring free oral health care services directly to employees at their places of work during the work day.  Dental care at YKK El Salvador began on August 8, 2017, and so far 107 employees have been treated.  The YKK clinic is working out with the ISSS the possibility that this service will be active every six months for employees. Follow the link to read our recent story about this project: http://connect.ykkamericas.com/ykk-connect/ykk-el-salvador-is-chosen-as-one-of-the-top-10-national-dental-clinics-in-el-salvador

YKK El Salvador company clinic staff provide services to Marco Moz, who has been with the company for 44 years.

YKK Canada Inc.

Last June, YKK Canada Inc. employees organized an event called Viva Santé to promote healthy eating habits at work.  Event attendees enjoyed a variety of healthy meals, music and games.

YKK Canada employees at “Viva Sante” event.

In the past few years, YKK employees have participated in several sporting events including  the Macon Labor Day Road Race, The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, the Kaiser Permanente Run Walk and The Canadian Cancer Society Walk.

Here at YKK, we make it a priority to stay healthy together!

Employees from YKK (U.S.A) Inc. and YKK Corporation of America participate in the Kaiser Permanente Run Walk.

Employees from YKK Canada participate in the Canadian Cancer Society Walk.

Rachel Schildkraut runs the 5K race and Sunny Choy runs the 10k race during The North Face Endurance Challenge Series in San Francisco on November 19, 2017