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Often when a sofa starts to look worn or a home owner wants something new, they will spend a fortune on a new sofa.  As a zipper manufacturer, we believe that there are several advantages to purchasing zippered sofa covers and cushion slipcovers. explains that cushions will likely experience a great deal of wear and tear with repeated use, causing some people to throw them away and spend a lot of money on new ones.  However, with zippered cushion slipcovers, you can effortlessly change the look of your sofa cushions within seconds.

Custom made cushion covers with zipper. Perfect for furniture cushions, boat cushion covers or pet bed covering.

By using our custom zippered cushion covers , you can effortlessly breathe new life into any sofa, chair cushions, or loveseat. Perfect for boat cushion covers too.

The article, “The Benefits of Having a Sofa with Removable Covers,”  by Anika Singgh, also mentions several other advantages to having zippered sofa covers including the fact that they can be a blessing when you have naughty kids or pets and that spills can easily be handled by removing the covers and immediately putting them in the wash.

Most removable covers usually have a zipper closure which helps keep the cover in place on the sofa.

The next time you are considering shopping for a new sofa, you might want to consider purchasing zippered removable covers to change up the look of your sofa.

At YKK, we offer several different types of zippers that will work great in a removable sofa cover or cushion slipcovers.  Our standard coil zippers are a great option for use in any removable sofa cover.  They are made of spiral plastic elements including polyester and nylon.

Coil Zipper Standard – YKK

A coil zipper is made of spiral plastic elements, including polyester and nylon. This is the most popular zipper among YKK’s three zipper types. It is versatile and can be used in anything from apparel to luggage to sporting goods and even automobiles. Expand your possibilities with our coil zippers.

Our PRIFA® zipper will also work well in a removable sofa cover.  It’s tape is made with colorful inkject prints, and you can either choose from YKK standard patterns or create your own design.


The PRIFA® zipper’s tape contains colorful inkjet prints. Many variations in design can be achieved by using logos, patterns, and gradations on the zipper tape. You can either choose from YKK ® standard patterns or create your own fabulous design. Matching the zipper’s slider with tape designs enables you to widen the range of your applications.


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