This buckle is thin, compact and easy to release. A newly designed plug and socket allows for it to be unbuckled effortlessly.

The slit on the side of the socket also allows the buckle to be smaller and shorter.

You can put your original logo on this buckle. The LB-TS series features a dual adjustment.

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2-Way Release Buckle LBTS / LKTS Series

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Size 16 LB16TS -5/8"
20 LB20TS -3/4"
25 LB25TS - 1"
38 LB38TS -1.5"

Our plastic notions and buckles should be used in appropriate applications.
If you have any concerns regarding safety, laws and regulations related to use of YKK’s plastic notions and buckles in personal flotation devices (PFD), baby carriers (baby sling) etc., please contact a YKK sales representative.

Design Light Weight Minimal