This buckle’s socket is so flexible that it would not break even if you twist it.

Its design concept is tremendously lightweight, and its V shape allows the plug to be inserted smoothly into the socket.

A steep angle allows for a tight lock and a smooth tape adjustment with a simple motion.

Its tape adjustment mechanize allows it to stay at a high angle. YKK’s own “Vertical Engagement System” also improves the buckle’s tensile strength. When the buckle is stretched tight, the lock prevents the plug from disengaging.

The LB-LVD variation features a dual adjustment, and the LB-LVS variation features a single bar and has its total length reduced by omitting the plug adjuster.


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YKK® Ultra Lightweight Series

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Size 16 LB16LV -5/8"
20 LB20LV -3/4"
25 LB25LV - 1"
38 LB38LV -1.5"
50 LB50LV -2"

Our plastic notions and buckles should be used in appropriate applications.
If you have any concerns regarding safety, laws and regulations related to the use of YKK’s plastic notions and buckles in personal flotation devices (PFD), baby carriers (baby sling) etc., please contact a YKK sales representative.

Plug: Acetal
Socket: Acetal
Durability High Strength Light Weight