AquaGuard® Coil Zipper with Two-tone Tape

The chain of the AquaGuard® coil zipper with two-tone tape is made with one color on the front and another color on the back.

This is the new chain variation for the AquaGuard® coil zipper with two-tone tape (Item Code:  CNT9).

When the zipper is open, it creates a color contrast which accents clothes.

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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 3CFT9 OK - - -

AQUAGUARD®two-tone zipper/Coil Zipper/Zipper / YKK FASTENING PRODUCTS GROUP//

3CFT9: 99 colors (The color of film and tape can be different.)
5CNT9: 8 colors (Film color: Black only, Tape color: 8 colors)

This zipper is water resistant, not waterproof/watertight.

Do not use this zipper in a curved application since the slider may cut the tape.
Avoid applications where PU zippers will come into contact with “vinyl,” such as PVC or PU.

[End Use Instruction]
Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and humidity, and keep the zipper away from direct sunlight.(T9 has a greater resistance to UV color change compared to the existing T8 or T10.)
A minimal degradation may occur, but this will not effect the performance of the film.

Do not tumble dry since it may reduce the water resistant effect of the tape.

A Petroleum based solvent is recommended. Do not use a Chlorine based solvent.

Avoid ironing. It may flatten the film and cause the film to melt.


AQUAGUARD® two-tone zipper/Coil Zipper/Zipper / YKK FASTENING PRODUCTS GROUP


Water resistant
Colorful Decorative Water Repellency