Cation Poly Blended Tape Zipper

This tape from YKK is woven with polyester and a cation dyeable yarn to create a two-tone zipper tape.
There are two woven patterns. One is a dappled pattern that looks like chambray, and the other is a herringbone pattern.

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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 3Y OK - - -
Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 5CN OK OK - -

[Available tape colors]
This zipper comes in 15 standard colors. There are 6 more colors other than the 9 colors shown under the color variation chart on this page.
The 6 new colors will be updated as soon as they become available.
[Available element]
Size#5 coil: TRANSPARENT only.

The strength of this zipper is slightly lower than that of a standard zipper.

Please contact a YKK representative for details if you have any questions or concerns about this product.

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