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How to close a concealed zipper in a car seat

February 4, 2022
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Author: YKK

YKK’s 5CH CONCEAL® zipper is used in automotive seating to give the trim cover open access to air bags and other connections required for seat functions. Once all the connections have been made, the assembler can close the trim cover by utilizing an ergonomic zipper closing tool. Unlike a conventional zipper, YKK’s CONCEAL® zipper looks like a seam when closed.

Please follow the instructions below when closing YKK’s 5CH CONCEAL® zippers in automotive seat applications.

Sometimes, if an operator tries to close the zipper by only pulling on the slider, too much stress is put on the zipper elements and the zipper may pop open during the seat assembly process. The good news is that both YKK’s 5CH CONCEAL® zipper and 5CI conventional zipper for rear seats can be repaired on the assembly line without removing the whole trim cover.

To repair the zipper, customers should utilize the 5CH repair kit provided by YKK and follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below. In doing so, customers can avoid scrapping material and drastically reduce the tear down process. YKK also offers on-site support to ensure operators and supervisors have a full understanding of how to do repairs. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this service.

The SEW200 is our CONCEAL® zipper sewing system to make your sewing process easy, fast resulting in effortless high-quality sewing. The SEW200 is mounted on an ergonomic-stand and armed with a splice-detector, any operator can produce a concealed-seam zipper attachment with minimal handling and down time. Some customers have experienced over 70% labor reduction and 85% reduction in the learning-curve using the SEW200 system.

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