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Tomoko Stoss, Sr. Manager of Sales & Marketing at YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products, describes some of the steps YKK Snap and Button Products is taking to promote circularity in the fashion industry.

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is fashion that is designed and manufactured in ways to minimize waste, with the intention for the merchandise to be used for a longer term in a cyclical manner, through recycling or reusing.

Why should we embrace the Circular Fashion model?

Because we are recognizing that we are producing more garments than we can consume, and wasteful fashion is not sustainable.

What are some of YKK initiatives that support this model?

YKK designed a button that can be removed with a common household tool – a flathead screw driver. Our product design is very unique, because this button can be attached on to the garments using the same automatic attaching machines that our customers came to appreciate for maximum production efficiency. There is no compromise in garment production process, button quality or its esthetic.

What is something you’re excited about when it comes to the future of sustainability and circular fashion in the industry?

I am excited about making our contribution to change the way we enjoy fashion, while we do our part to be responsible citizens and sustainable for our future generations.

What are some of the current trends in the industry?

Just about every brand owner we talk to mentions sustainability and circular fashion as their mission and key words. Actually, YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products was the first to introduce Element finish to the market. Element finish resembles the electro plated esthetics, but it is not electro plated, reducing water, electricity, and chemical usage.

Gender neutrality is another area that many of our customers are focusing. Many customers went through the phase of elaborate designs and bigger sizes. But I notice that lately many are going back to the basic products, like 27L buttons and 15L Front Pocket Burrs.


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