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QuickFree®, a zipper developed by YKK, was recognized in the “design that contributes to the safety and security of children” category of the 12th Kids Design Award sponsored by Kids Design Association in Japan. The Kids Design Award aims to promote design that contributes to the safety and security of children, is creative and future-orientated, and makes it easier to raise children.

QuickFree®, which came to market in 2017, is a zipper that promotes safety, security, and a sense of independence and accomplishment in small children who can open and close clothing alone through the zipper’s improved operability and its release function. By improving the zipper’s visibility by changing the shape of the slider and widening the area into which the pin is inserted, YKK has reduced the possibility of the pin being inserted into the wrong part of the slider. Moreover, when a certain load is applied to the left or right of the zipper, the slider “snaps” off with a releasing function that allows the zipper to open without lowering the slider, thereby reducing the possibility of the clothing putting pressure on a child’s body*, such as when the child’s clothing get caught on playground equipment. (*Based on YKK’s lock strength test.)

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