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YKK Introduces “The Craftsmanship of YKK,” a webpage designed to educate children about YKK’s zipper making technology

August 2, 2017
Author: YKK
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This web page, The Craftsmanship of YKK, explains the different aspects of YKK’s zipper making technology.

Have you ever wondered how a zipper works?  Well, YKK has created a new web page called “The Craftsmanship of YKK,” which seeks to educate people, especially kids, about YKK’s zipper making technology.

This nifty cartoon-like web page features interesting facts about how zippers open and close, as well as information on YKK’s die casting technology used to make the different parts of a zipper.  It also mentions a little known fact that zippers have small gaps in between the elements that are spaced out evenly so that a zipper can open and close smoothly.  Another little known fact is that YKK makes enough zippers annually to go around the Earth 50 times.

In addition, this webpage also mentions that YKK® zippers contain a hidden lock, which prevents zippers from opening and closing on their own.  It also states that YKK® zippers are the same quality all over the world since the company uses its own machines and materials to make zippers in its factories found in more than 70 countries.

To discover more interesting facts about YKK’s zipper making technology, go to www.ykk.com/english/ykk/tech/index.html.