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YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Otani; hereafter, YKK) debuted its new corporate logo at the FY2023 YKK Group Management Policy Briefing that was held March 2, 2023.

YKK undertook a major restructuring in April of 2021, reorganizing itself as a company for the fastening business, which includes zippers and snaps and buttons. In order to move further forward in this time of great change, which includes changes to the business environment, YKK has taken this opportunity to create a new corporate logo.

The new logo is based upon the YKK Philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness,” its Management Principle that states, “YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance,” and its Core Values. The logo expresses YKK employees’ desire to place sustainability at the center of the company’s management and to continue its long-standing work to act rapidly and provide trusted quality. “Sustainability,” “speed,” and “quality” were three key words pulled from survey responses sent in by approximately 10,000 employees from around the world, and the new logo is positioned to be a driver for all YKK employees to unite and move forward. The words “Little Parts. Big Difference.” appear below the three letters of the company name. The seven elements arranged to the right of this slogan represent the seven areas targeted by the YKK Management Principle, “YKK seeks corporate value of higher significance,” namely, Fairness, Customers, Society, Employees, Products, Technology, and Management.

YKK logo

The new corporate logo

“YKK products are small parts,” said Hiroaki Otani, president, YKK Corporation. “But if all employees embrace the ideas imbedded in this new logo as we move forward, I believe that with these small parts we can deliver great value to customers, societies, and employees around the world, and help the planet and its natural environment.”

A website dedicated to the new corporate logo is currently under development and is scheduled to launch in April 2023. The new logo will be rolled out in advertisements, business cards, and other media as they are produced.


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