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YKK conducts conservation activities to preserve Kurobe, Japan’s natural groundwater

November 13, 2017
Author: YKK
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YKK Corporation has just released a new video entitled “The Relationship Between the Groundwater of Kurobe and YKK,” which is about conservation activities conducted by YKK to preserve Kurobe, Japan’s natural groundwater.  Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture is the technological hub and main manufacturing and development center for YKK, and it is also blessed with an abundant supply of groundwater.

The magnificent fan-shaped delta region of Kurobe is considered to be one of Japan’s most beautiful alluvial fans.  Due to heavy rainfall in the Kurobe River, the area is one of the nation’s richest water resources.  Natural spring water wells up from various places in the area which supplies an extensive network of rice patties.

The spring water has also been used by local residents throughout the ages for drinking, cooking, cooling food, laundry and other domestic purposes.  YKK also benefits from Kurobe’s water in a variety of different processes such as dyeing zippers.

In addition, the company is working to develop a new air conditioning system using geothermal energy.  YKK expects to achieve high heat exchange efficiency from Kurobe’s abundant ground water, and we believe this will improve the environment at the same time.

YKK Group will continue to develop new activities to help preserve the environment and natural fresh water resources.