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YKK Colombia S.A.S. donates beds and kitchen stove to Vira, a foundation supporting homeless seniors

March 25, 2020
Author: YKK
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Generosity is not an act of charity; it is a mutual aid between forces that fight for a common good, which is why YKK Colombia S.A.S. is proud to partner with Vira, a local non-profit organization that supports the elderly by providing them with comfortable housing where they can feel safe and loved. Elisabet Osorio Zapata founded Vira in honor of her adopted grandmother, Elvira. Elvira was homeless and living on the streets of Medellin when Mrs. Zapata’s parents found her 36 years ago and decided to take her into their home. The organization’s mission is to provide seniors with care and love and help them fulfill their life’s purpose.

In this video Vira’s founder, Elisabet Osorio Zapata, talks about the mission of the organization and invites viewers to get involved with the Vira Foundation. At the end, there’s a special message from Elvira, the inspiration behind the organization, to encourage viewers to learn more and get involved with the foundation.

YKK Colombia S.A.S. had worked with the founder of the organization in the past and donated small items including used clothing. However, once the team learned about the current situation of homeless seniors in the city and the lack of support and awareness for organizations like Vira, they decided to get more involved and donated 20 beds with bedding sets and a kitchen stove.

In this video, Vira Foundation’s founder, Elisabet Osoria Zapata, gives viewers a tour of the facility and shares how people can get involved with the project. 

The facility is currently under construction and once it opens it will offer consulting services, led by 24-hour nursing and gerontology assistants, food service, dining room, space for physical and occupational therapy, television room, laundry area and oratory. It will also have an interdisciplinary team that will be in charge of improving the quality of life of the patients, including gerontologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and occupational therapists.