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Have you determined that your product needs an invisible zipper but you don’t know which is best? Allow us to introduce you to YKK’s lineup of CONCEAL® zippers, which come in a variety of element/teeth sizes, over 700 colors, and include Dye-to-Match (DTM) capabilities.

Our lightest invisible zipper, the #2mm, is perfect for products such as knit dresses, sheer gowns, and lightweight cycling apparel. It includes an auto lock slider, closed bottom function, and choice of polyester or knit/mesh tape.

Another option is our #3mm, which is medium weight and typically used for evening wear, outdoor apparel, sportswear, and furniture such as cushions and pillows. The #3mm zipper comes with an auto lock, non-locking, or semi-auto lock slider, closed bottom and open bottom functions, and choice of polyester or knit/mesh tape.

If you need something more durable for your evening gown, wedding gown, or cushions, then our #5mm CONCEAL® zipper is just for you. These are much stronger than the #2mm and #3mm options, with polyester tape and both closed and open bottom functions.


YKK Invisible Zippers

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