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Sustainable Products

Protecting our global communities through environmental responsibility

sustainability meets quality

YKK will continue to develop and introduce sustainable products. We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly products in each of our eight environmental categories.


Our GreenRise® zippers reduce CO2 emissions by using PET, a bio-based polyester made from plants. The production of PET emits less greenhouse gases than polyester made from petroleum while additionally creating new uses for agricultural waste. Indistinguishable from zippers made of virgin polyester, GreenRise® zippers offer YKK quality and performance all while reducing our carbon footprint.

YKK® Bio-Based Products

bluesign® Approved

bluesign® approved products must meet high standards for sustainable production. bluesign® approval guarantees that harmful substances and processes used in production are limited or nonexistent. Each one of our chemicals and processes is reviewed and evaluated by bluesign® to ensure that they meet high standards of safety and environmental sustainability.

bluesign is a trademark of Bluesign Technologies AG.

YKK® bluesign® Approved Products


Defying the conventional “Take, Make, Waste” linear economic system, these products can be reused or remade whilst simultaneously maintaining the use of valuable resources. YKK circular products not only save valuable resources, but also reduce CO2 emissions and energy use as they continually get remade or reused.

YKK® Circular Products

Eco-Friendly Metal Finish

YKK’s eco-friendly metal finishes offer an environmentally sound alternative to traditional electro plating metal finishing. Requiring less water and energy and eliminating the hazardous chemicals used by conventional plating processes, YKK’s eco-friendly metal finishes achieve the same appearance as standard plating.

YKK® Eco-Friendly Metal Finish

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers provide a sustainable source of materials for textiles used in zippers. YKK® zippers with natural fiber-woven tapes help to eliminate CO2 emissions associated with the production of synthetic textiles. These plant-based materials are renewable and can be grown regeneratively, aiding in the reduction of resource depletion and contributing to a healthier environment.

YKK® Natural Fiber Zippers


YKK’s un-plated metal snaps allow the natural color of the metal to shine through, eliminating the need for plating or finishing. These aluminum, stainless steel metal snaps do not require any additional processing and therefore offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional electro-plated finishing.

YKK® Non-Plated Metal Snaps


Water is a valuable resource and thus, YKK takes its conservation seriously. To combat water depletion, YKK has developed new production processes and products to help reduce our water usage. ECO-DYE® waterless dyeing helps to reduce the amount of water used in the zipper dyeing process to almost zero.

YKK® Water-Saving Methods


YKK has long understood the environmental benefits of recycled materials. With lower CO2 emissions as well as reduced energy and water usage compared to zippers made from virgin material, YKK NATULON® products offer a high degree of quality and performance with a minimal environmental impact. Since creating our first NATULON® recycled zipper in 1994, we have constantly been expanding the NATULON® collection to offer these benefits to an ever growing range of products.

YKK® NATULON® Recycled Products