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YKK Zipper Instruction Manual
 How to Remove Stains from Denim Garments

Removing stains from denim garments caused by metal dust particles from a zipper is easy.  Since the stains appear on the surface of the fabric, you can simply wash the garment with an organic solvent.

The Causes of Stains on Denim Garments

These stains are caused by manufacturers stone washing denim to give it a vintage look.  During the stone washing process, the stones scrape the surface of a metal zipper creating metal dust.  When the metal dust mixes with the stone or sand particles, it may accumulate onto the zipper.  As this residue comes into contact with a denim garment, it may stain the fabric.

Metal sliders with clampers can also stain denim garments after washing or daily use.  Since sliders with clampers allow for more free movement of the zipper pull, the metal surface of the zipper pull may rub against the zipper’s connecting parts.  This movement can result in particles chipping off of a zipper and staining the fabric.

Ways to prevent stains on denim garments

Another alternative to removing stains from denim garments would be to prevent the stains from appearing on the fabric.  We recommend closing a zipper to protect it under a garment’s fabric during a stone or sand washing process.  Such a precaution can prevent a zipper from being scraped by stones or sand which can cause the denim fabric to be stained.




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