Iridescent Coil Zipper

The iridescent coil zipper is a type of coil zipper with an iridescent color.
Depending on the membrane and element color, it gives a different impression and can suit garments in a variety of categories, including sports and casual wear.

This product can also be adapted into a lanyard with iridescent color.

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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 5CNPL OK OK OK OK

Zipper care

  • Not recommended for use in footwear. There is a possibility that the particles could get in between the elements and cause damage to the iridescent coating.
  •  It is also possible to damage the iridescent coating by rubbing the elements too hard.
  • Since its strength is less than that of a regular 5CN zipper, please check the application in which the zipper will be used, and test the zipper before using it.
  • The actual element color may look different from the picture so please check the actual samples. Please contact a YKK representative for more details.

Washing/Dry Cleaning/Ironing

  • Make sure the zipper is completely closed before placing it into a washing or drying machine.
  • Petroleum dry cleaning is suitable. Chlorine dry cleaning is not advisable.
  • Please do not iron over the elements as it will damage the iridescent coating.
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