“Water protection for the circular future”.
DynaPel™ has a high level of water repellency * 1 with a durable water repellent (DWR) chemistry that is both PFAS compliant* 2 and processable in recycling systems. This water-repellency performance is achieved without the need for a polyurethane (PU) film or coating, which is a material that cannot be processed in many recycling systems.

This durable and long-lasting water protection is generated in part by GTT’s EMPEL® technology(GTT: Green Theme Technologies), which features a unique treatment process of applying a uniform amount of chemistry to the zipper chain surface as well as applying heat and pressure to penetrate and encapsulate the zipper yarns.

*1 Based on the internal water repellency testing data compared to YKK’s existing products.

* 2 YKK has classified “PFAS compliant” fastening products as containing less than 50 ppm organic fluorine whereas “PFAS non-compliant” fastening products contain 50 ppm or more organic fluorine. However, please note that the definition of the term “PFAS compliant” does not imply conformity with a specific, or any, PFAS regulations in any country or region and that this definition of the term “PFAS compliant” may be subject to change based on trends and updates on PFAS regulations in any country or region.

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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 3 CFTG (Reverse Only) OK - - OK
5 CITG (Reverse Only) OK OK - OK

Initial Performance:
Spray Test: Grade 4
YKK Shower Test:  PR* ≤ 0.50 g

Laundering – 20x Wash Cycles: AATCC 124 LP1
Spray Test: Grade 4

Laundering – 50x Wash Cycles: AATCC 124 LP1
Spray Test:Grade 3

Mechanically recycled NATULON® material