YKK® VISLON® AquaGuard® zipper is a revolutionary new design from the global leader in containment closures. The new tooth design on the YKK® VISLON® AquaGuard® zipper provides enhanced fluid resistance vs. standard coil and individual element closures while increasing the number of design options for your application.

YKK® Water Repellent VISLON® zipper catalog. Great for various applications including, tactical gear, outdoor gear and Personal Protective Equipment applications. Newly developed Bridge Top Stop Feature for tighter element seal is also available!!

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Close Open Two-way Chain
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This zipper is water resistant, not waterproof or watertight.

Do not use in curved applications, since a slider may cut the tape.
Avoid applications where PU zippers will come into contact with “vinyl,” such as PVC or PU.

[End Use Instruction]
Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and humidity, and keep the zipper away from direct sunlight. UV rays may cause yellowing of the PU film.
Minimal degradation may occur, but this will not effect the performance of the film.
Repeated bending of the zipper may cause the film to become cloudy.

Close the zipper when you wash to avoid any damage to the film.  Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat.

A petroleum-based solvent is recommended.  Before dry cleaning, make sure the zipper is completely closed.

Avoid ironing as it may flatten the film and cause the film to melt.

Please consult with YKK Representative for other applications.


  • Dye-To-Match is not available.


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