Our USA factory produces AquaGuard® coil zipper, which is a water repellent zipper; back side of coil zipper is laminated with polyurethane (PU) film. Shiny and matte polyurethane coating on the reversed coil zipper enhance the appearance of your garments. The zipper can be RF welded or ultrasonically bonded or sewn. This item is heat durability, washing durability, and is good at operation at low temperatures.



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Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type 3CFT4/T5 OK - - OK
5CIFT4/T5 OK - - OK
8CT4/T5 OK OK - OK
10CT4/T5 OK OK - OK
  1. Home Ironing and Heat Treatment
    T4 – Do not iron. High heat may cause color bleeding.
    T5 – Do not iron. It may flatten the embossed film and cause the film to melt.
    All PU zippers – If process includes heat treatment such as hot press or hot-meltadhesive tape, the zipper must be tested in advance.
  2.  Washing
    Close the zipper when you wash it in order to avoid damages to the film.
  3.  Dry Cleaning
    A petroleum-based solvent is recommended.
    Before dry cleaning, make sure the zipper is completely closed.
  4. UV resistance
    T4 Coated (Colors) – UV may cause the PU film color to change from clear to light yellow. This will also change the zipper color since the film is laminated over the tapes. Minimal degradation occurs but does not effect performance of the film.
  5. Color bleeding
    Avoid applications where PU zippers will come into contact with “vinyl”, such as PVC or PU, and avoidprolonged exposure to heat and humidity. Thermal migration of dyes will take place without excess heat, butat a much slower rate.
    Storing garments in plastic or vinyl bags or warm warehouse can accelerate the thermal migration process.Contrasting colors should also be avoided. YKK recommends using a similar color chain with fabric to prevent colors from bleeding.


  • CT4 available color – Standard color.  Minimum order qty apply.
  • CT5 available color – Black color only.
Polyurethane Coating Sewable Water Repellency Weather-Resistant