AquaGuard® NATULON®

Our AquaGuard® NATULON® water repellent zippers allow you to enhance your garment’s functionality the sustainable way:

To minimize our ecological footprint, we have transitioned from using virgin polyester tape to a post-consumer recycled polyester.

The DWR chemistry has been replaced with a PFC-free treatment. Through our internal shower test, we can ensure that the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper maintains optimal water repellency performance, minimizing absorption and preventing leakage. 

We eliminated toluene and MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) from the production process of the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper and replaced these substances with less harmful alternatives. 

We have revised the AquaGuard® NATULON® zipper chain dimensions and the thickness of the PU (Polyurethane) film with which it is laminated. This adjustment, coupled with a redesigned slider body shape for zippers with automatic locking sliders, lowers the total operation force required to open and close the zipper by at least 20% (depending on film type).  

The zipper has a smooth and flat appearance while maintaining a wide range of color options.