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Popular Misconceptions About Caring for Jeans

April 26, 2019
Author: YKK
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For decades, YKK has been supplying jeans manufacturers with zippers as well as other fasteners.  As a major supplier to this industry, we thought you would find the following articles concerning myths about jeans to be helpful in caring for your jeans and ensuring that they last a long time.

According to the article, “5 Myths About Jeans You Should Totally Ignore,” by Ayushi Kushwaha, many people believe that jeans should not be washed at all because the fabric would weaken and the size and shape of the jeans would change.  Nevertheless, you should not fall for this.

“Experts say you should wash jeans after having worn them 4 to 6 times because by that time, your jeans would have had contact with a large number of dust particles and germs which are unhealthy for your skin.

“There is one disclaimer in relation to raw denim: raw denim is essentially unwashed denim and must be allowed to take the shape of your body.  Hence, it is advised that you give it at least six months before washing.  In fact, the longer time you leave it unwashed, the better.

“It is to be noted that frequent or infrequent washing of jeans can tamper with the quality of their fabric.  Whatever decision you take, make sure you take note of the type of denim you are wearing so that you do not underdo or overdo washing.”

5 Myths About Jeans You Should Totally Ignore | CEOWORLD magazine

Perhaps, the most remarkable invention in the fashion industry is jeans. A simple pair of jeans remains the ultimate choice when you cannot decide what to wear. Anything which is as handy as jeans will be popular- and jeans are incredibly common, making them one of the most worn denim in the world.

The article, “Denim Myth Conceptions: Popular Denim Myths, Debunked,” found on www.blueowl.us, says that though amateur scientists on the internet have long theorized that denim can be better preserved by sticking it in a freezer, this is not true.

“In the nearly 3.5 billion years bacteria have been around, they’ve gotten pretty good at surviving extreme environments like extinction and even a trip to Mars.  So while you may kill off some of the inhabitants of your denim, it only takes one angry bacteria to survive and come back to repopulate your jeans with a vengeance.  Instead, do what generations of humans did before you and submerge your jeans in some good old H2O mixed with your choice of detergent.”

Denim MythConceptions: Popular Denim Myths, DEBUNKED

Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet. Think about all of the embarrassing moments in internet culture that could’ve been avoided with those 8 simple words. Valuable clicks that could’ve been spent on things other than Rick Astley. iPhones that could’ve been saved from the menacing iOS waterproofing update.

The article, “5 Myths about Caring for Jeans,” says that the myth that you should never put your jeans in the dryer is false.

“If your jeans are stretched out, a quick tumble in the dryer can help them regain their shape.  Follow the fabric care label and remove the jeans when they are slightly damp to prevent unwanted creasing.”

5 Myths about Caring for Jeans

Jeans demand special care to endure.Jeans may be the most comfortable clothes you own. But are you taking care of them properly? Here, we bust five of the most common misconceptions about this true-blue fabric. Like a best friend, a well-fitting pair of jeans should be treasured.

Finally, the article, “Common Myths and Misconceptions about Denim Jeans,” found on www.makeyourownjeans.com, says that the myth that soaking your jeans in seawater is good for them is not true.

“Sure, there are some benefits associated with washing jeans in saltwater, such as the ability to make them softer, but this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to soak your jeans in seawater.  Seawater contains a countless number of microorganisms that can not only change the color of your jeans, but it can also make them unsanitary – not to mention the fact that seawater smells.  For these reasons, it’s recommended that you do not soak your jeans in seawater.

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Denim Jeans

I’m not sure how this myth got started, but it needs to go! Sure, there are some benefits associated with washing jeans in saltwater, such as the ability to make them softer, but this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to soak your jeans in seawater.

YKK offers a variety of zippers and other fasteners for the jeans industry.  Whether you are looking for a pair of premium denim jeans or a pair of everyday fashion jeans, we’ve got your covered.

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