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One conversation at a time- Video Series

August 24, 2018
Author: YKK
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A few weeks ago we launched “One Conversation at a time,” an on going social media series where we share the stories of our employees, the roles they play in the North and Central America Group, as well as their thoughts on YKK’s Core Values and Fundamental Behaviors and more. These are some of the interviews we will be sharing throughout the next few months. 

KerryAn Simpson- Advice to future generations

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

KerryAn Simpson on Fundamental Behaviors

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

Eduardo Gutierrez- Personal definition of success

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

Eduardo Gutierrez- Advice to future generations

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

Matarscha Palmer on YKK’s Fundamental Behaviors

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

Frania Viele on working at YKK

YKK (U.S.A) Inc.

Guadalupe Alcantara on YKK’s Fundamental Behaviors

YKK Snap Fasteners Manufactura Mexico S.A. ed C.V.

Angie Vitale on YKK’s Fundamental Behaviors

Angie Vitale on working at YKK

 Sylvie Grenier on success and advice to future generations