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Interviews with the experts- National Zipper Day Series #1

April 12, 2018
Author: YKK
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As part of our National Zipper Day series, we are interviewing experts from our very own National Manufacturing Center in Macon, GA to shed some light on what it takes to create a zipper. Here at YKK, innovation is part of everything we do; from our high quality products to the way our teams develop processes and come up with solutions. One of these innovative approaches to manufacturing is TPM or Total Productive Maintenance.

Melissa Morin, Continuous Improvement Leader at YKK (U.S.A) INC. shares that “TPM is a structured methodology for continuous improvement involving all employees, from top management to floor operators.”

We asked Jay Hays, Textile and Plastics (T&P) Section Manager, why he thinks this system is innovative: “I think that TPM is the most innovative thing done here at T&P the past few years. It is innovative because in time TPM touches every employee. It strengthens the production process foundation we use every day and will use in the future. It doesn’t stop, as long as there are opportunities to improve.” Jay has been working at YKK for 26 years; he shares that his favorite part of his job is  “working with our team of operators, managers, and other support staff to put out the highest quality products, at the best possible price, delivered on time. It’s amazing the number of people, processes, and hours it takes to accomplish this. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.”