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Interviews with the experts- National Zipper Day Series #3

April 16, 2018
Author: YKK
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Have you ever wondered how YKK tests the quality of our zippers? We asked Greg Alexander, Quality Engineer, to explain how his department ensures the quality of our zippers and other products.

” We utilize the best available technology such as digital microscope with high quality imaging abilities, capable of 2-D and 3-D imaging enhancements. This helps to identify specific details of products, which otherwise could not be detected by the human eye. Use of high quality digital measuring devices to aide in verification of product specification. Use of material testing systems that produce constant measurements with a high degree of accuracy and integrated data software management. Our combination of instruments, test equipment, and skill training requirements, provide a high level of confidence in our ability to analyze and access our zipper product quality.”

Greg has been working at YKK for 12 years and he enjoys experiencing and seeing how some zipper products are used in automotive, aerospace, and outdoor products applications.”